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In this category you will find a nice collection of sweet and lovely Happy Mother's Day e Cards * Animated and Musical Mother's Day Cards. Free online cards with flowers, hearts, balloons, cartoon characters, poems, quotes and more... New *FUN*tastic eCARDS being added constantly to all categories -  why not add us to your favorites and stop by again - thanx




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Cute and Funny Cards to send to mom/mum for Mother's Day.  Mothering Sunday falls on May 10, 2015.  We hope you will find a nice e card to send to your precious mom in the growing collection of Happy Mother's Day Cards at *FUN*tastic eCards.com.  You can find cards with poems, cards with flowers, cards with hearts, balloons and angels, twinkling cards, sparkling cards and much more. Sweet and lovely animated cards that you can send with music for Mommy/Mummy's day.

All *FUN*tastic eCards are absolutely *FREE* and you can send them straight away without having to sign up first or be asked to pay for annual membership!! 
MORE mother's day e-Cards with appealing images, heartfelt messages, loving poems, sentimental quotes and funny jokes constantly being added - why not try them out!!



   Funny Mother's Day Cards 

Funny Mothers Day Card

Comic style card with cheeky monkey delivering joke about all the things MOM had to go through over the years

Funny Mothers Day Card

Happy Mother's day cards with cartoon cat sending kisses and joke about Mom/Mum looking the same as the day you first met!!

Funny Mothers Day Card

Comic style ecard with humorous message about sending MOM on a luxury cruise for Mothering Sunday (Animated)

Funny Mothers Day Card

Happy Mother's day cards pic has cute funny cartoon image of daughter sending funny joke about dad and loving wishes and flowers to MOM

Funny Mother's Day Card

Comic style ecard has special personally delivered Mother's Day message from dancing President Obama of the United States

Funny Mothers Day Card

Funny Mother's day Card with Q&A about chick that was not all it was cracked up to be!!

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Free Funny Happy Mother's Day Cards



BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS DAY QUOTES & SAYINGS .. great ideas for sms txt msgs from sons and daughters to their parents

(Touching quotes u can add to your e-cards, text messages, myspace & facebook comments)


God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
Quote by ~ Jewish proverb

Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.
Quote by ~ Aristotle

Mother on your very special day
I want to take the time to say
how very much you mean to me
and send good wishes lovingly
~ Unknown Author

With all the sunshine things you do
The smiles you share -the laughter, too
With all the dreams you make come true
I'm so glad to have a mother like you
Poem by ~ Unknown Author

Motherhood is priced; of God, at price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand.
~ Helen Hunt Jackson

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
Quote by ~ Unknown Author

May all the precious moments
That set this day apart
Stay with you long after
As keepsakes of the heart
And often through the future
May you relive in thought
The very many pleasures
This happy day has brought
Poem by ~ Unknown Author

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.
Mother Quote by ~ Abraham Lincoln

When it comes to Mothers
There's lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt
Poem by ~ Unknown Author

Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.
Quotes by ~ Ambrose Bierce

Thou art thy mother's glass, and she in thee
Calls back the lovely April of her prime.
Quote by ~ William Shakespeare

We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.
Mothers Quote by ~ Henry Ward Beecher


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